Jason Bae Debut Concert Chamber Recital

The blood red background certainly set the scene for what was to be a fiery performance by young Jason Bae.

The Lewis Eady Charitable Trust has been supporting this exciting talent since 2008 and Jason currently has a grand piano on loan from the Trust.

Last Tuesday’s recital (25th September) was a culmination of that support, a huge amount of hard work on Jason’s part as well as the wonderful input from Rae de Lisle - Jason’s teacher and mentor.

I can’t remember the last time I attended a ‘sold out’ solo piano performance at the Concert Chamber but it was a fitting recognition of the progress that Jason has made.

The programme was a ‘tour de force’ and the sort of music you play when you are 20 and have endless energy. For me the favourite was the Rachmaninov Sonata No. 2 which I had had the pleasure of hearing Boris Giltburg perform earlier in the year for the New Zealand International Piano Festival. This is a work seldom performed, so to be able to hear it twice in such a short space of time was refreshing.

I spoke to Jason before, during and after his recital and felt very proud to have been able to assist him thus far.

Well done for a masterly performance and for those of you who couldn’t get tickets (I’ve been dying to say that) the concert was recorded by Radio NZ, so will be going to air at some stage.

Post by John Eady

Sir James Wallace, Rae de Lisle, Christine Choi (Jason's mother) & John Eady pictured with Jason Bae.